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Wash Safely With Us

Valued Everclean Customer,

We are open and ready to serve you better!

The Illinois Department of Commerce released guidance in April that exterior car washes are considered “an essential business” during the state-wide “stay at home” order.

If you’re looking for an excuse to get out of your house in a safe way, to get some fresh air, and to clean that car (which it probably needs about now), we will be ready to serve you with our warm and friendly staff!

Below is a list of what you can expect at your next visit and foreseeable future:

  • All healthcare workers, please bring in your ID badge. Your wash is on us! A huge THANK YOU for your sacrifice and dedication during this time.
  • All members are covered under our Recession Protection Program at no cost to you! If you were to lose your job between April 8 and October 8, we will refund you 110% of your membership dues paid during this period. This means that in an unfortunate job loss, you would maintain a clean car, get your membership dues refunded, plus an additional 10%. LEARN MORE HERE!
  • The office is closed for walk-ins. Please call your local site should you need assistance or just want to say, “Hi”.
  • Since we’re a drive-thru express car wash, stay protected in the safety and comfort of your car. You can just smile and wave without opening your windows. We understand.
  • Vacuum and Freebie Services will be paused for your health and safety. The Illinois Department of Commerce specifically prohibits the use of self-serve vacuums. When we re-open these services in the future, you’ll be delighted to find some more freebies…but more on that later!
  • Crew Members will wear gloves should you need service in our pay lane. Those gloves will be thrown away and replaced after EVERY transaction.
  • Touchscreens at kiosks will be wiped down every 30 minutes – even if nobody touches them.
  • Crew Members who have any respiratory symptoms are staying home (with paid sick leave). So don’t worry if someone’s wearing a mask on-site. They’re not sick.
  • Each Crew Member has been given the option not to work OR work under these guidelines. So be confident that each Crew Member you see both wants to be there AND knows how to keep you safe.

We are living in difficult times, and we want you to know we care. Through our Recession Protection Program, additional freebies (coming soon), and free washes for healthcare workers, we hope to provide some joy in your day and remind you that we will get through this together.

See you soon!

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